#gmusic.api: an unofficial Java API for Google Play Music

This project needs help! I currently have way to little time to maintain this my self so ANY help would be appreciated!

The project is not supported nor endorsed by Google.

Respect Google in your use of the API. Use common sense (protocol compliance, reasonable load, etc) and don't ruin the fun for everyone else.

This project is a port of (Simon Weber's great work) of a port (Taylor Finnell's port to .NET) written in Java.

Feature Overview:

  • Getting library information:

    • all song metadata
    • all user playlist titles and ids
    • songs from a specific playlist
  • Song downloading

The api currently only implement read methods (get and retrieval) but more methods could be implemented in time either by me or you:)

This project is dual licensed under GNU GPL, Version 3 and MIT.

Copyright 2012 [Jens Kristian Villadsen] (http://www.genuswillehadus.net). [Baron Keith Hall, Sapien Mobile, LLC] (http://www.sapienmobile.com).

#gmusic.api:Google Play音乐的非官方Java API



尊重Google使用API​​ 。使用常识(协议合规性,合理负载等),不要破坏其他人的乐趣。

该项目是端口(Simon Weber的伟大工作) href =https://github.com/Byteopia/GoogleMusicAPI.NET>(Taylor Finnell的.NET端口)用Java编写。


  • 获取图书馆资料:

    • 所有歌曲元数据
    • 所有用户播放列表标题和ids
    • 来自特定播放列表的歌曲
  • 歌曲下载


该项目是GNU GPL版本3和麻省理工学院的双重许可。

版权所有2012 [Jens Kristian Villadsen]( http://www.genuswillehadus.net )。 [Barien Keith Hall,Sapien Mobile,LLC]( http://www.sapienmobile.com )。