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#Gmail Notifier ###[Download]( Minimalist Gmail inbox notifications for Mac OS X.

##Development Update There hasn't been much activity here recently, but about 9 months ago, I started work on v3, a ground-up rewrite of Gmail Notifier in the Swift programming language.

Check out the devel branch to see current progress. Note that as of September 2016, the devel branch is not yet even in an alpha state, and should largely be considered unusable (actually, it mostly works, but data persistence across application restarts is still in-progress, which is a fairly critical feature). Still, if you have any suggestions or feature requests, consider opening an issue.

###Core targets of v3 include:

  • Usage of the Gmail API — Previous versions of Gmail Notifier used the Gmail Inbox feed, which is easy to parse but limited in flexibility. The usage of the Gmail API will lay the foundation for future features that involve more fine-grained mailbox access, such as label and folder information.
  • Multi-account support — This was highly requested, but involved writing a custom OAuth2 implementation and restructuring how account information is stored.

###Additional targets include:

  • Update checking — Ideally, this will provide notifications when a new version has been released. Auto-downloading of updates still remains unlikely, because doing so with existing tools (i.e. Sparkle) requires non-GitHub infrastructure. Furthermore, auto-downloading carries with it certain security concerns that must be addressed with care and are largely beyond the scope of my ambitions for this project.
  • Notification Center "Today" Widget — This was initially targeted for the v3 release, but will probably be pushed back to a feature release in v3.1. The idea is to create a widget for the Notification Center's "Today" view rather than keeping a persistent list of notifications, which is sort of a misuse of the Notification Center.

##What Gmail Notifier is Gmail Notifier is designed to replace Google's Mac Notifier. It offers such improvements as Notification Center integration and OAuth2 authentication (which is nice as a general rule, but particularly so if you use 2-Factor Authentication, which you probably should). It should currently be able to give you notifications of new messages pretty consistently, but has not been thoroughly tested, so please file an issue if you run across a bug.

What Gmail Notifier is not

Gmail Notifier is not a fully-featured email client. It cannot handle mailto: links (yet, but that's coming eventually), and cannot compose, display, or archive messages. It simply reads your Gmail Inbox Feed, which only shows a list of unread messages in your inbox, with limited information on each message. Gmail Notifier is for people who don't mind using Gmail's web interface, but like to get notifications about new emails, and would like to use notification center rather than whatever custom notification system rolls with Google's Mac Notifier. Also, unlike Google's Mac Notifier, Gmail Notifier has nothing to do with your calendar.

Building Gmail Notifier

Gmail Notifier is not a very complex project and shouldn't be too hard to build (if you have problems, please file an issue). The one caveat is that you will need a Google API key. All you have to do is head over to the Google API Console and create a new API project. There's no need for any special service access; just go to "APIs & auth" > "Credentials" in the sidebar and create a new client ID. Make sure to set it to an "Installed application" of type "Other". Then just copy GNAPIKeys_EXAMPLE.m in the source directory to GNAPIKeys.m, and change the keys to match what you got from the developer console.

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##A Note on the Name Gmail Notifier is not a Google product, nor is it in any way, shape, or form endorsed or recognized as an "official" Gmail client. The name is simply intended to make it clear what services this application is intended to work with (i.e. Google's Gmail).


#Gmail Notifier ###Download Minimalist Gmail inbox notifications for Mac OS X.

##开发更新 最近没有太多的活动,但大约9个月前,我开始使用v3,以Swift编程语言对Gmail通知程序进行了重新编写。

查看 devel分支查看当前进度。请注意,截至2016年9月,devel分支尚未处于Alpha状态,并且应该在很大程度上被认为是不可用的(实际上,它主要是有效的,但应用程序重新启动中的数据持续性仍在进行中,这是一个非常关键的特性)。不过,如果您有任何建议或功能请求,请考虑开启问题

### v3的核心目标包括:

  • Gmail API的使用 - Gmail通知程序的以前版本使用Gmail收件箱Feed,易于解析,但灵活性有限。 Gmail API的使用将为未来的功能奠定基础,这些功能涉及更细粒度的邮箱访问,例如标签和文件夹信息。
  • 多帐户支持 - 这是非常需要的,自定义OAuth2实现和重组如何存储帐户信息。


  • 更新检查 - 理想情况下,当新版本被释放自动下载更新仍然不太可能,因为使用现有工具(即Sparkle)可以使用非GitHub基础架构。此外,自动下载还会带来一些必须小心解决的安全问题,这在很大程度上超出了我对这个项目的期望。
  • li=task-list-item> 通知中心今天小部件 - 最初是针对v3释放,但可能会推回到v3.1中的功能版本。这个想法是为通知中心的今日视图创建一个小部件,而不是保留持久的通知列表,这是通知中心的一种滥用。

##什么Gmail通知程序是 Gmail通知程序旨在替代 Google的Mac通知程序。它提供了诸如通知中心集成和OAuth2认证(这是一般规则是好的,但特别是如果您使用2因素身份验证,您可能应该)的改进。它应该能够给你新的消息通知一贯,但还没有经过彻底的测试,所以请提出问题< / a>如果你遇到一个错误。


Gmail通知程序不是一个功能齐全的电子邮件客户端。它不能处理mailto:links(但是,但是最终会出现),并且不能撰写,显示或归档消息。它只是读取您的 Gmail收件箱Feed ,其中仅显示收件箱中未读邮件的列表,信息有限在每个消息。 Gmail通知程序适用于不介意使用Gmail网络界面的用户,但希望获取有关新电子邮件的通知,并希望使用通知中心,而不是使用 Google的Mac通知程序。此外,与Google的Mac通知程序不同,Gmail通知程序与您的日历无关。


Gmail通知程序不是一个非常复杂的项目,不应该太难建立(如果您有问题,请文件一个问题)。需要注意的是,您将需要一个Google API密钥。您只需转到 Google API控制台并创建一个新的API项目。不需要任何特殊的服务访问;只需转到API&amp; auth&gt;侧栏中的凭据,并创建一个新的客户端ID。确保将其设置为其他类型的已安装的应用程序。然后将源目录中的GNAPIKeys_EXAMPLE.m复制到GNAPIKeys.m,并更改密钥以匹配您从开发者控制台获得的密钥。

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##关于名称的注释 Gmail通知程序不是Google产品,也不以任何方式,形状或形式被认可或被认可为官方Gmail客户端。该名称只是为了清楚该应用程序旨在使用什么服务(即Google的 Gmail )。