Nuwk! makes it easy to create Mac Applications based on node-webkit, simplifying testing and building procedures. It takes care of creating the executable, attaching the app icon and configuring the plist file accordingly.

For more information visit Nuwk! website

###Very alpha stage At the moment Nuwk! is very alpha. The code is written poorly (Unfortunately I have very little free time), however I believe it can be an interesting tool for those who have just begun to develop on node-webkit. So if you're going to use it in production do so at your own risk.



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###非常alpha阶段 此刻Nuwk!是非常alpha。代码写得不好(不幸的是我有很少的空闲时间),但是我相信它对于刚刚开始在node-webkit上开发的人来说可能是一个有趣的工具。所以如果你要在生产中使用它,那么你自己承担风险