PHP The Right Way: eBook

PHP The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP popular coding standards, links to authoritative tutorials around the Web and what the contributors consider to be best practices at the present time.

The website was created originally by Josh Lockhart, and Phil Sturgeon later joined in to write a bunch of content, and help keep on top of pull requests. He also wrote this conversion script to turn content into the LeanPub book, which is available entirely for free, or an optional donation, 100% of which goes to EFF. Josh and Phil get nothing.

Josh approves of this book.

How it works

This is not meant to be a tool you use to make the ebook yourself. This tool converts the Jekyll website in its file format and Jekyll flavor of Markdown, to LeanPub Markdown (Markua) and a file format that will let LeanPub read this as a book.

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd phptherightway-book
$ php convert.php

This will populate - or override - the contents of manuscript/. The only real way to test if it worked is to shove it into LeanPub and run a preview, which is something Phil usually does as he's the one who created the LeanPub app.

Give Phil a poke on Twitter if you think this book is due an update. Send a PR to this repo if you notice a bug in the conversion process.

PHP The Right Way: eBook

PHP正确的方式是一个易于阅读,快速 参考PHP流行的编码标准,链接到权威教程 围绕网络和贡献者认为是最佳实践 现在时间。

网站最初由 Josh Lockhart 创建, Phil鲟鱼后 加入了一堆内容,并帮助保持拉动请求。他 也写了这个转换脚本把phptherightway.com的内容转成了 LeanPub图书,这是完全免费的,或可选的捐赠, 其中100%进入EFF。乔希和菲尔什么都没有。



这不是一个用于自己制作电子书的工具。这个工具 转换Jekyll网站的文件格式和Jekyll风味的Markdown, 到LeanPub Markdown(Markua)和一个允许LeanPub读取的文件格式 作为一本书。

$ git clone –recursive
$ cd phptherightway-book
$ php convert.php

这将填充或覆盖手稿/ 的内容。唯一的真实 测试是否有效的方法是将其推送到LeanPub并运行预览,这是 菲尔通常会做,因为他是创建LeanPub应用程序的人。

如果您认为这本书是由于更新,请给予Phil 捅在Twitter上。发一个公关 如果您注意到转换过程中的错误,请访问此回购。