Pedestal Samples

These samples are deprecated All maintained samples can be found within the Pedestal repository, with further documentation on the Pedestal site.

This collection of example applications was built against an older version of Pedestal, inluding a client-side library called Pedestal App.

Pedestal App has be discontinued. These samples have been preserved here for archive purposes only.


The Pedestal samples follow a similar procedure to Pedestal's


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Pedestal Samples

这些示例不推荐使用 所有维护的样品可以在基座存储库中找到 , 还有关于基座网站的进一步文档。

这个示例应用程序集合是针对较旧版本的 基座,包括名为Pedestal App的客户端库。

Pedestal应用程序已停用。 这些样品已保存在此处,仅用于存档目的。


Pedestal样本遵循与Pedestal的 类似的程序。



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