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Baidu Inc, @kav3593@ which some consider the Chinese voted to AI for a long time, with Andrew Ng, the former leader of Google's Brain project, leading e year the company reportedly invested nearly 7 billion yuan ($1.08 billion) in cutting-edge technologies such as AI.

en to use AI to improve the healthcare industry.

Meanwhile, the FTZ opening to Macao has driven increasing number of homebuyers from the special administrative region to 

buy houses on the mainland because the average home price in which is too high for many to afford. 

qin, who refused to be named. 
In October 2016, the @dvdv111@ company has released an app known as hat can help collect a patient's symptoms and then provide advice to a doctor. It is not a replacement for doctors yet. 

Li predicted a future in which AI is used to diagnose illnesses and recommend treatment based on a gene database.

The Chinese @ddv3344@ search engine powerhouse is now considered to be the leader of the pack among Chinese Internet giants in the race to develop AI technology, Forbes reported on Monday.

development is that leading technology companies are not the only players.

ng enough to stay on the cutting edge, @shipai258@ you don't have to worry about competition or copycatting from big rivals," Xu Li, CEO of Beijing-based AI start-up